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Your Community Matters

Whether you’re looking for a speaker at your university or organization, I can help your community start and sustain vital conversations about my extensive research on college students, as well as give lectures on the art and craft of writing.

my research

In order to write my non-fiction body of work, I did extensive research on college campuses with real students.

For decades.

While social media has radically transformed the college experience for most students, statistics on sexual misconduct have barely budged since the 1980s. Meanwhile, the relationship between religion and hook-up culture continues to evolve. I’m passionate about talking about these issues to help students, professors, and administration navigate them with open minds, open hearts, and research based not only in data and intellectual rigor but also in anecdote and heart.


I lecture all over the country about my research on college students, in particular on hookup culture, romance, dating, and sexual assault, as well as college student religious & spiritual identity, and most recently about my research on social media and the college experience. 

Professional Development

I’m a former student affairs professional and regularly work with Departments of Student Affairs and Campus Ministry at colleges and universities to develop practical programming and resources related to my research about college students. 

Individually Tailored Visits

A typical visit from me will include a formal lecture, a professional development workshop with staff and faculty, often a classroom visit if a professor is teaching one of my books, and several informal conversations in small group settings and/or over a meal. I work individually with each campus to develop a schedule of events that fits the needs of the various departments and individuals who have planned the visit. I’ll talk through possible events with my campus contact over the phone.


Let's Talk

I’d love to connect and discover how I might serve your community as a speaker.

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